Escrow Service

Escrow Service:

King Aircraft Title, Inc., a third-party receptacle, provides services for the simultaneous transfer of funds, satisfaction of previous security agreements or liens, registration of new purchaser and recordation of new security agreements.

Escrow deposits received are refundable to the depositor until we are notified by the depositor or until we are in receipt of a purchase agreement that has been executed by purchaser and seller outlining the terms and conditions of the escrow funds.

Our escrow service allows you to make all your transactions with “no worries”. King Aircraft Title, Inc. holds all necessary documents, monies for deposits or full purchase price until certain conditions are fulfilled. Upon written instructions from all parties concerned, King Aircraft Title, Inc. will disburse the escrow funds and submit documents to the FAA Aircraft Registry for recording…Call for quote and wire instructions.

Information Needed…
1. Description of Aircraft: Registration number (“N” Number), Make, Model, Serial.
2. Name, address, telephone and email address of all parties involved.
3. Purchase Agreement executed by buyer and seller.
4. Broker Agreement executed by broker and seller, if applicable.
5. Wiring instructions for disbursements of funds.
6. Proposed date of closing.
7. Authorization to Release funds and file documents.