International Registry

The Cape Town Treaty and International Registry of Mobile Assets:

The Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment, and its Protocol on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment – November 16, 2001

As adopted in the United States by The Cape Town Treaty Implementation Act of 2004 – August 9, 2004 which:

  • Recognizes the International Registry as an additional place for the filing of interests, including prospective interests, in certain airframes, helicopters, and aircraft engines.
  • Establishes the right for owners of these aircraft to grant an Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorization (IDERA) to a secured party.
  • Reduces from 750 to 550 rated take-off shaft horsepower the size threshold for aircraft engines eligible to be recorded as collateral in security instruments.
  • Establishes the Civil Aviation Registry as the Authorizing Entry Point.

The effective date of these changes is March 1, 2006.

Aircraft and Aircraft Engines Eligible for International Registry Recording:

  • Airframes that are type certificated to transport:
    • At least eight (8) persons including crew; or
    • Goods in excess of 2750 kilograms (6050 pounds)
  • Helicopters that are type certificated to transport:
    • At least five (5) persons including crew; or
    • Goods in excess of 450 kilograms (990 pounds)
  • Jet propulsion aircraft engines with at least 1750 pounds of thrust or its equivalent.
  • Turbine-powered or Piston-powered aircraft engines with at least 550 rated take-off horsepower or its equivalent.


How do I know if my aircraft is eligible?

Contact our office with the aircraft description and we will answer any questions you might have.

CapeTown Eligible Aircraft
List of Engines by Horsepower Rating or Thrust


King Aircraft Title, Inc. can register parties as a Transacting User Entity (TUE) with the International Registry and act as the entity’s Administrator. This will allow our office to approve or deny any authorizations. Contact King Aircraft Title, Inc. for your International Registry needs.