2013 Second Annual Asia-Pacific Flight Standards Meeting

by King Aircraft Title, Inc. on June 17, 2013

August 13 – 15, 2013
Washington, DC USA

The FAA Flight Standards Service is hosting its second meeting with the States from the Asia Pacific Region. This meeting provides a unique opportunity to share information on FAA best practices in the safety oversight of operations and continuing airworthiness with civil aviation authorities in the Asia-Pacific Region. Continuing a tradition of other FAA international outreach activities, this meeting offers a forum for aviation safety leaders to delve more deeply into the FAA Flight Standards Service activities, as well as receive information on safety oversight topics key to the Region.

Unlike last year’s meeting, the entire two-and-a-half day meeting will be open to civil aviation authorities and industry. Including industry for the entire session is expected to allow more collaboration between CAAs of the Asia-Pacific Region and industry representatives. Industry attendance will also bring focus on topics related to air carrier operations and continuing airworthiness activities involved between the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Mr. John Allen, the Director of the Flight Standards Service, will chair this event.

Preliminary Agenda (PDF)

We are also soliciting authorities and industry presentations for the event. Suggested topics can be sent to the contact listed below.

Who Should Attend

  • Government aviation standards, certification, operations, and maintenance personnel
  • Industry representatives from the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific Region

Registration Fee

$125 early bird (before July 31st)
$200 late registration
Registration fee must be paid in advance of conference.

Registration Website: www.faameeting.com


For more information, contact:
Mara Jenkins
(202) 385-8297

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