Building a Safety Community

by King Aircraft Title, Inc. on April 1, 2013

April 1–The March/April 2013 issue of FAA Safety Briefing, posted on the FAA website at, focuses on the themes of the 4th Annual FAA Safety Standdown: building a safety community, human error, and loss of control–the leading causal factor in general aviation accidents. Articles explore each of these critical areas and provide important insight, tips and resources for improving GA safety.

Among the feature articles in this issue include:

  • how to avoid get-home-itis, (pg. 9)
  • a review of FAA’s WINGS pilot proficiency program, (pg. 14)
  • and a look at the importance of setting priorities and avoiding risk (pg. 18)

The issue’s Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons department (pg. 25) looks at complacency in the workplace, while Angle of Attack (pg. 28) features a Q&A with NTSB Board Member Dr. Earl Weener.

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