Making Flying Fun!

by King Aircraft Title, Inc. on August 1, 2012

Making Flying Fun!


The July/August 2012 issue of FAA Safety Briefing explores the fun side of personal flying. Articles focus on many of the interesting activities and opportunities pilots have to keep the spirit of fun and adventure in general aviation alive and well.

Feature articles focus on the fun of light-sport and sport pilot training, the adventure of backcountry flying, and what it takes to be a volunteer pilot. Also, Editor James Williams’ article “Beyond the $100 Hamburger” (pg. 20) offers some good suggestions for expanding your flight envelope, whether it’s introducing a new surface (water, snow, or grass), or adding a new skill like tail wheel training.

The issue also contains information on each of the 2012 General Aviation Award Winners
(pg. 28) and a profile of Regional FAASTeam Manager Ken Spivey (pg. 41).

In addition, the issue’s Nuts, Bolts, and Electrons department (pg. 33) looks at the revised practical test standards (PTS) for aircraft mechanics, and Vertically Speaking (pg. 35) outlines some crucial risk management strategies for safe rotorcraft flights.

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