Our Services

Aircraft Title Search
An aircraft title search will include the present registered owner of the aircraft, previous owner, outstanding liens, type of transaction, including dates and conveyance information, and any additional information, such as unrecorded liens, notations, deregistration due to accidents, etc.

Engine Lien Search and Propeller Lien Search
Engines in excess of 550 H.P. and propellers capable of absorbing in excess of 550H.P. are maintained separately from the airframe, and therefore requires a title lien search to be performed on each engine/propeller. Please have the make, model, and serial number available when you call.

Chain of Title Report
This report will reveal all owners of the aircraft from the first date of United States registration to present, including address, type of registration, dates and conveyance information.

Buyers Title Package*
Includes the following: Aircraft Title Search, Ownership History Report, Incident and Accident report and FAA Aircraft Records on CD.

Lenders Title Package*
Includes the following: Preliminary Aircraft Title Search, review and filing of security instrument, bill of sale and application for registration. After the FAA has processed and recorded your security instrument we examine their files for accuracy, return your original security conveyances and provide you with an updated aircraft title search (includes FAA Fees).

 *Available only on general aviation aircraft under 550 H.P. Title Packages are for a “normal” single aircraft transaction and is subject to additional charges if extra services are required.


Duplicate Registration Certificates
Duplicate certificates and flying time wires can be obtained when your Registration Certificate has been lost or when needed for Custom Inspections.

Title Clearing
Approximately 30% of U.S. registered aircraft have some type of outstanding encumbrances on file. Tracking down secured parties or their successors can be costly and burdensome. King Aircraft Title, Inc. will investigate all resources to obtain releases, disclaimers, etc. to clear the aircraft file.
Please call for quote.

Escrow Service
Our escrow service allows you to make all your transactions with “no worries”. King Aircraft Title, Inc. holds all necessary documents, monies for deposits or full purchase price until certain conditions are fulfilled. Upon written instructions from all parties concerned, King Aircraft Title, Inc. will disburse the escrow funds and submit documents to the FAA Aircraft Registry for recording.
Call for quote and wire instructions.


337 Report/Airworthiness
Copies of 337’s  filed with the FAA and are made a part of the airworthiness file. These forms include major and minor repair and alternations. Applications, certificates, etc. available upon request.

FAA Aircraft Record Files
Copies of documents filed on a particular aircraft can be obtained when needed for verification of signatures, tax purposes, litigation, etc. Certified copies available upon request.

Accident/Incident Searches
King Aircraft Title, Inc. can assess all accident and incident reports that are associated with a particular aircraft.

Document Filing
King Aircraft Title, Inc. provides assistance with submitting documents for recordation with the FAA. We can also provide assistance with preparation of documents needed to buy or sell an aircraft. 

Special Registration Numbers
King Aircraft Title, Inc. will research registration numbers of your choice, prepare and file all necessary documents to reserve or assign your number.